The Other Side of the Mirror

When one looks in the mirror

We all wonder what’s on the other side

Is the image we see on the front

Just us trying to hide


Never have I been someone different

Never have I tried to change

I am me on the front

And give myself a wide range


Never will I wear make-up

Or change the color of my nails

For without all that stuff

I am proud of all my fails


I may not be the prettiest

And I may not be the best

But I can say till I die

I was different from the rest


I am loved for my confidence

And for always staying true

Because it’s not about what you think

But about what I do


I’ll change this world for the better

Be an entrepreneur, orthodontist, and more

And no one is going to stop me

Because I have no filter, just an open door


So behind my mirror

It’s still just me

And this mirror

Will never change what I see

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