The Other Side

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 11:40 -- uhhmira


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The Other Side

What does it mean to be?
Me, I would not know
any more than a fish knows
to survive above water.
How would I know?

My eyes have only seen the smoggy skies
and sandy beaches of Egypt just three times.
Each time I feel like an outsider
a little more than the time before.
I am clueless to a life, a culture that makes up
half of my blood.

I am an outsider even to my family;
Just like the new kid in school.
My half-sister, half-brothers, and cousins,
they know what I long to.
The language, values, lifestyle.
The culture.

But aside from everyone else,
here I stand.
Just a simple half-blood,
the stranger, the outsider, the new kid.
Oblivious to a side of life
That I may never fully understand.

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