The Other Girl Whom He Loved

Fred had the hots for two pretty girls Dina and Shania,

But he didn’t tell the girls that he loved them.

Shania unexpectedly moved to the country with her mother.

It’s a pity Fred hadn’t asked her out before she left.

And he was not looking for a long-distance relationship.


Fred went to Dina’s luxurious house to spend the evening with her.

They were discussing the subject of who loved whom.

Dina didn’t know that Fred visited her because he loved her.

She told him that she knew someone who was crazy about him,

But for some reason she didn’t want to tell him who it was.


Fred persuaded Dina to tell him who the person was.

She reluctantly told him that it was the new girl Candy.

Then she asked him if he didn’t notice the way Candy looked at him.

Fred said, “No, I didn’t notice she was doing that.”

And he immediately told her that he didn’t love Candy.


Fred was standing beside one of the girls whom he loved.

Unbelievably, she didn’t notice his lustful stares.

He wanted to tell her that he was in love with her,

But he just couldn’t say the words that seemed so easy to say.

So he told her that he loved Shania and another girl.


Dina asked Fred, “Who is the other girl that you love?”

He was disappointed in her and he said he thought she knew.

Dina laughed and said she didn’t know what he meant.

Fred realized that Dina wasn’t showing affection for him,

So he didn’t tell her that she was the other girl whom he loved.


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