The Ostracized's Anthem


Take a second, a minute, a day if you wish

That you give it some thought is my only condition

I’m 4 years old and lost in the supermarket

I tried to find the car but I forgot where we parked it

All my friends are home, they left me all alone

I have their numbers memorized, I just don’t have a phone…darn it

I’m 12 years old and sitting in school

These flashy, scanty clothes make me feel like a fool

I straighten my hair because all the other girls do

If you’re somebody who’s anybody, I think you should too

You wouldn’t want to stand out in this kind of place

Because Jilly or Lily will laugh in your face

But whether Jilly or Lily or Milly or Billy or Willy thinks you’re silly is out of your control really. Really.

You see, we live in a bubble of self-inflicted trouble

And it’s double the trouble if you're outside of the huddle

We care about what people think

Or rather we care about what we think other people think

Have you ever noticed that you’re completely wrong?

That you’ve been quoting the wrong song all along?

It’s a vicious game of ping-pong, it goes back and forth

You’re disoriented, you’ve forgotten which way is north

People definitely do like you, you’re just impressing the wrong ones

Confessing the wrong

Addressing the wrong

Obsessing the wrong ones

This poem is about: 
My community


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