Orlando's Ember


Now we wonder how.

How how how how how?

How could this happen?

So you pick up a pen,

But all that comes out,

All you can shout,

Is how is how is why?

How many have to die,

God, how many more,

This time before

We do something--

We do anything?


Watch the rainbow bleed

As they plant the seed

Of mistrust and lies.

This is how freedom dies:

Not with a war,

Enemies on our shore

Come to steal our land,

But in the politician's hand

With a hurricane of hate

Because love came too late.


But you get to choose--

So don’t let love lose.

Fight with your heart

To be a part

Of a brave new land,

Ready to hold the hand

Of those feeling hopeless.

Together, protest

The hate they proclaim

Because there is no shame

In what gods you pray to

Or just being you.


You can feed one fire:

The one of a desire

For equality--

To finally be free

To love who you choose,

So spread the news,

Because we cannot feed hate--

That fire’s already too great;

It’s growing so fast,

And I look to the past

That says hate will kill all,

So don’t let us fall

As pawns to that game.

Cultivate your flame.

It’s your choice, remember.

Here's Orlando's ember.

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My country
Our world


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