What a shame, We walk through this world with so much hate. So much antipathy in our hearts. Why would you want to walk around, And put everyone else down. But I guess that’s the world we live in, No one is satisfied unless the leaders are killed, The happy are dead, And the hatred has spread. It slowly eases its way into the hearts of all the innocent. We aren’t all saints, And I know that. But when did we become killers? Cold blooded murderers. With a passion to kill the only good we have left. Why does a man smiling, Make someone want to shoot them down? Literally and metaphorically. Why does a person’s sex, Determine anything? Judgement and hate, Does not have to make the world go round. But that’s what we all make it seem like. But love is just as strong. So instead of wanting to kill a smile, And judge his or her decision, Love that person for who they are. And maybe, Just maybe, This world look and feel a little better. 

Poetry Slam: 
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My community
My country
Our world


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