you left today. technically, you've been gone a while.

you stopped saying you love me "too"
i guess it got too hard for you..
i screamed out your name and begged you not to go
i wish you realized how much i love you so

i felt you let go of my hand
it kind of felt like sand
slipping, slowly through the cracks of time
steadily, the minutes trickled by like slime

that my heart drips
when i break out into coughing fits
that you would always despise
while i took a hit of a cigarette looking into your eyes-

i watched the darkness creep over me
i thought of you and my wrists started to bleed;
however, just in my mind
this happens all the time

i still think youre beautiful in everything you do
i guess the voices do too
because when you left, taking my heart with you,

stayed behind was my mind,
going beyond mad without you
supporting the hypothesis:
you should've taken the other vital organs too


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