Organic automatons

Who is the master
Without his often forgotten underlings
Where sits the king
Without his ruling hands adorned in rings
What is any shepherd
Without a herd to count his dreams
Where will the people roam
Without a cause to call them home
Are we merely organic automatons
Powered by bread and circuses to look upon
Driven by inneffectual cogs freely spinning in the dreary machinery of society
Dreaming of electric sheep and change
Praying to every god for a future of anything else
Drab mornings circulating through bleak afternoons and into our evenings of mourning
This is our progress
We have no angst,
Only a damnable complacency
Only hopes for fantasies we're too afraid to chase
We lost ourselves to arrogance
We've fallen but refuse to blame our pride
Reduced to slaves of media marching backwards in our stride
The recognition of division
Has become our only common ground
Civil warfare is now the shroud
Of the elite
Big brother was left infighting with mother
Now all we know is how to tear down one another
Bearing down on any who see our dispute and dare to shudder
Organic automatons,
With tribal squabbles coded in our veins
Executing allies in defense of our name
Imprisoning any hero bold enough to shame
This data stream of iniquity seems to be consuming me
A neural network of nation wide necrosis
Spreading out beneath the hand of macro eyed darkened absolutists
Leaking into the salty seas beneath weeping lady liberty
Streets of Starving leper lions circleing grateful gazelles stuck in poverty
The poor are the final bastion of self reliance
Working blisters into bone in the name of survival
Spilling over with self worth
The common caste and highest classes both post in hopes of neanderthalic validation
Has this land been fated as forsaken?
Have we been chosen to be ignored
By the very false gods we have always implored?

This poem is about: 
My country


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