Ordinary With a Twist

Hiding behind the curtain,

but try to be yourself, that's certain.

It's not as easy as it may seem,

trying to be yourself in a world of mean.

People are there to judge everywhere you turn,

a simple glance at her and you receive a dirty look in return.

You may try to hide the way you feel,

or even the way you look because you feel like you can't be real.

What is most important is not the way you may appear,

because it will not be that way in a year.

So take the time to show the real you,

so others may see your personality all the way through

The way that you look should not define what others think,

but in the world today we even hesitate to blink.

Thinking about what others might say,

but then remembering that it was just for today.

So go ahead and show the real you,

because the people that judge deserve a 'boo'. 


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