Optical Blue

Hello Catholic woman,

with those spots on your face, 

you leave

no goodbye

you vanish without a trace

Hello Catholic woman, 

I can read your mind and as

you are sitting and thinking-

you want to turn back time and you wish you were with me again

Hello Catholic woman,

does your heart still race?

Do your kidneys filter liquid at an unusually slow pace?

Are you as hungry as I?

Does your back give you pain

as your hypothalmus wishes for rain and

your brain 

needs ice, just to cool it down?

Hello Catholic woman,

look at what you've done!

and I hope the light shines and it tells you to run

far away from here

I only want the best for you.

Hello Catholic woman,

I know you'll tweak

and when you see me, it's your soul that I'll seek

I've looked in your eyes and I can now see

what you feel when you think of me

In one more week, it'll just be an optical blue

and optical blue for him and for you.

You know, Catholic woman.


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