I look out into the world, with a smile on my face

And think to myself, “This is a wonderful place!”

Ignore all the bad going on in the world

It is a beautiful place, and that can’t be ignored


Volunteering our time shows our selfless acts

This makes humans beings positively react

We are not the monsters that some portray us as

Rather we are compassionate creatures that this Earth has


Optimism shines down like a beacon of light

Even in the darkest of nights

It is so uplifting to see

How generous people can be

Do not take advantage of this magnificent place we call home

I’d rather be here, with you, than all alone


Friendship on this planet keeps the world going round

It is amazing to see bonds so profound

Enjoy every second, every minute, and every day

We live a very lucky life, if I must say


The next time you take a walk outside

Open your eyes and realize

That one person can change the world

It could be you, a whole new opportunity unfurled




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