Wed, 01/29/2014 - 12:34 -- mmid345
Knock knock. 
Who's there?
It's me you see, without a care. 
I've worked so hard
And now I see
That maybe that's not working for me. 
I don't need A's 
And I don't want C's. 
What I really need are: memories. 
Grades are important;
They'll get you to college. 
But they won't necessarily fill you with that kind of knowledge. 
Knowledge of the world
And all the beautiful people in it. 
A laugh with friends, a smile, the joy of relaxing a bit. 
This is  what
I hope to grasp: 
Joyful experiences that make time seem to last. 
Adventures, escapades
That help me to grow
And learn what in life that I truly need to know. 


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