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Opportunity is a simple word that means so much. It can bring dreams, hope and aspiration in our lives, but can also make us chose the path we want to follow in life. As I look back in time, I think of that day my ancestors were stripped from any opportunity that they had in mind because of a simple color of their skin. What does color, social class, or anything mean if I’m not even allowed to dream and hope for a better opportunity in my life, or when I dream I’m stripped from that thought? Now I have the opportunity to higher my education, and to be the first generation in my family. I had to overcome barriers in life but none like my ancestors without them I would not be where I stand today. I still have barriers just as the color of my skin, but why still in 2013 is this small factor about myself so important to society? I’ve had to struggle having to put a dollar sign on my happiness and my future, and as a student it’s hard to know that there are financial problems at home that you wish you could help in some way, but you have to also think about your own education first. But when I do succeed I will never forget my past, present, and future struggle.

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