Fri, 05/31/2013 - 20:16 -- asalem

One more day, one more way
Time leaves my side

Splendid hours spill
My hands cannot fill

I cup little to nothing.

Had I different hands
Might I have more?



Kids think of what they would have done when they are in school... what they had to go through... and could they have done anything different. Here is my answer. This poem. Think about if it would be different... with a different pair of hands... can anyone combat time? No. Everyone has a roll of the dice. He or She gets what they get and has to go through life with that roll. Certain things about each unique individual will not change, so do not think about what if or wondering about things that could have been and focus on the future and what CAN be done. Aim for those milestones and complete them. If something does not go your way, try again or go along another path until you accomplish something. Not every scientist or every teacher or every politician or every engineer made his or her life from a first try or sitting on his or her hands doing pondering "what if". You gotta' believe in yourself and bust through obstacles in life to get through to the end... not debate how life threw you an unfavorable outcome. Leave that for the statisticians.

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