Open Your Eyes

People think that life is easy, that nothing is hard, but open your eye lids a bit wider and take a good look at how imperfect life could be; Observe this peaceful watermelon, so perfectly connected to love, take notice on how nothing is wrong.


Until the day that this young melon has conceived a precious seed, now the harmonious connection of love has been broken, and the melon is left tumbling like abandoned tumbleweed; come to find out that this young beautiful melon is a she!


She is rolling uncontrollably, hitting rocks, and becoming covered in dirt; however no one wants to help her, So now she is being picked on by strange crows; ferociously being pecked on until it causes her to bleed. But the crows do not leave; they continue to talk about her, spreading their rumors and lies; until this melon cannot take anymore, so she cries.


Crying internally inside, as she runs away from her problems and not knowing what to do, so she runs to a clinic to get the seed removed; now she feels like everything is momentarily cool….


But, she can no longer sleep, and she can no longer have sweet dreams, because she is forever haunted by the painful memory of what she has done to her seed; so girls be careful, and please do not become, another confused, lonely, scared, young mom.


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