An open letter to Society

Dear Society,

Why do you keep on hurting...?

Yeah, I get it,

you're old

you're ancient

you're ever slow moving, but that's no excuse.

You Spit

You Stab

You Lie

You set the standards up too high, and when

we've met 'em.

it's wrong;

you change 'em, and we

are the ones left behind!

We made you, but now

it's you who's making us;

Making us into suppression

of our former selves,

putting on the make up 

that covers up our own face.

You, my friend, are not a safe 


Dear Society,

Why can't you love?

Signed Emerson Park

This poem is about: 
Our world



Whilst we ourselves know our minds and bodies, 'tis the world which surrounds us that shapes our presentations of ourselves.

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