An open letter to the love of my life

An open letter to the love of my life:

Every moment I’m away from you seeps into my bones,

Signaling the distance,

Reminding me that I’m not with you.

Our love exists in goodbyes, in luggage tags, and in summer nights,

And yet, I read you into every line of Shakespeare that I see,

Every step I take,

Every fleeting thought in my mind.

The solid space between us makes time seem almost tangible,

Slinking along until the moment when

I take those steps southward into your arms.

I regret none of it.

The tears between hotel pillows and

The guardians of the galaxy watching over us.

I would do it all again.

For you.

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Beautiful poem. I enjoy all of the imagery you express and the thought of not regretting something that caused so much pain.

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