An Open Letter to the Last Person I'll Ever Love

If you say “I love you” too many times without really meaning it, your words become meaningless. and if you don’t say it enough to the ones who need to hear it the most your words will never be believed.

I was just never good as saying “I love you”.

So I decided on other ways to say it because that's the best I can do.

When we are spending time together and I offer to share my favorite flavor of tea to you, I'm not just being nice, I'm offering a piece of my me.

When you ask me where I want to eat, I will suggest your favorite restaurant because I know you won't pass it up and because I like seeing you smile.

When I ask for a book suggestion and you tell me your favorite, I will read it and try to learn everything about you I can from the words you have so dearly love. I will weave pieces of those words into myself so you can love me just as much.

When you begin to ramble about your future plans and you suddenly stop yourself and ask if I think you’re annoying, the answer will be no because I want to be there when you succeed in every endeavor.

When I suggest we get a pet together, and you want a dog and I want a cat, I’ll ask if you want a puppy or shelter dog.

When we move into our home together,and we paint our bedroom your favorite color, that night I will help wash away the paint from your face, only to try and paint a masterpiece with my lips.

When we have our first fight, I will apologize, because the idea of not sleeping next to you that night will be more painful than some stupid fight over whether to paint the nursery pink or salmon.

When we are old I will never forget your birthday, even when I cannot remember my own.

I’ve learned the best way to say “I love you” is never with words. If a picture says a thousand words, how many words can your action say. two thousand? Three thousand? A million? That isn’t even enough to explain how much I love you. So when I find you, whenever that may be, I will spend every second showing you how much I love you, because the collections of moments, and whatever that equates to in words, in my lifetime will never be enough to say just how much you make me feel.

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this is beautiful. and so very true. you are very talented too. keep writing.


Thank you so much! And I plan to keep writing.

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