Open letter to congress and the white house

Open letter to congress and the whitehouse

Solly Olivares 

I am a policy junkie so this is how I know all this stuff


Dear Idiots and little bitches

Dear idiots I’m sorry if this is offensive

 I’m sorry if this is blunt

I’m sorry if you take this the wrong way

I’m sorry y’all go smoke a blunt and eats some ribs and drink a beer

Then go touch yourself while simultaneously calling for a ban on porn

Then go have extramarital affairs meanwhile talking this big game on family values

Then go lie about it.

 you’re good at that aren’t you.

Pass restrictive abortion laws for your Christian nuts.

and  yet not give a damn about what happens with that life after birth

Preside over massacres upon massacres of black men by police

Obstruct gun laws because of your poorly misconstrued reading of the second  amendment

And then  go pretend you’re for free speech when one of

 your idiot talking heads sews hatred with divisive rhetoric

Then go on to not check your dear leader on the “domination”

of American streets By the actual military

 king idiot then goes on to hold the bible the wrong way 

while peaceful protests get stopped  violence and pepper bullets..

Teargass storms unleashed upon peaceful protestors

By a rogue attorney general with an “article two means anything” mentality

I’m sorry for not giving a damn about your office

The president doesn’t either

I’m sorry that you’re a hypocrite

I’m  sorry that I don’t give a shit

You impeach someone for having consensual sex with another adult

Ruin that poor woman’s life instead of letting it go and letting the Clintons handle it

Yet you chose to not convict someone for being stupid enough to get caught

Stupidly threatening to withhold aid

To a foreign country in order to get stupid stuff that nobody cares about

Barisma barisma heres the turtle neck charisma             

Y’all are idiots who sell out to the corporations and so are the dems

You claim to give a damn about norms and you don’t

Because soon as you can break the norms to gain power you do

The woman’s dying wish was to not have anyone replace her

Until after the election yet flashback three and three fourth’s years ago

You Hypocrites held the seat open for nine months


So little bitches…

 you thought you were gonna get off easy

 no you let this moron win…….

My level of dissatisfaction with y’all is far greater than the idiot

You will literally yell at anything he does

But you won’t fight for anything…

Why what’s the matter honey??

oh do your donors tell you to shove it and you cave….

 Because most of your campaigning job is to raise

As much money so you whore out your principles  to the highest bidder..

and what about your constituents?

what are they supposed to do when you give people them a choice between healthy on the softer side  poop and  explosive dihharreea. Shit is still shit

so they stay home and say why??

what’s the point? We got jobs? We got people to feed?

 We got people to take care of? why must we try? To appease a system that ignores us while giving trillions to corporations..

What’s the point?

People are hurting and all you idiots and little bitches manage to muster is 1200 dollars

oh good job..

 that’ll pay what a month of rent not even that in some cases..

so yeah good job little bitches way to fight.

And yeah I’m mad.. I’m mad because you don’t fight

Because you don’t care..

Because you’re paid to lose..

Because all you want is power.

So you don’t take any chances with the way you govern

We  had an individual mandate which is better than having no security for people

but mitt romney proposed it so its already a compromise position

 that no republican voted for anyway dipshits

why didn’t you fight for daca  you had all the leverage

why didn’t you get rid of the filibuster during obama’s tenure

to quote our future president “why why why why??”

 don’t you fight people are sick of you little bitches not fighting for the people

 caving on every single one  of your principles

 oh sure give chetolini the biggest military budget

oh sure expand the military authorization of force

While simultaneously calling him hawkish

 and saying accurately how dangerous he is

see this is why people don’t believe you on anything.

 And those little shows where you rip up paper

 feigning outrage I guess those don’t help either.

 What the fuck are you going to do about it after cheseburger don is gone

 and you have no Voldemort to blame everything on .

. will you be introspective and look at yourself and not start off at half measures

 and actually be bold for once

No because y’all are bought off too

and that sweet donor money is the  lifeblood of both parties

And king idiot your idiocy is like an elephant trying not to crush a human

Your idiocy there is no possible words for it

You’re an insecure little man child with small hands and yes Donnie a small chode..

You purposely downplayed the pandemic and called it a hoax multiple times

Because you don’t know how to lead.

Because you do Nothing but complain

Play golf and watch fox and friends

Call in complain rinse and repeat once again

You’re. not just an idiot you’re a little bitch

You gave up on covid before it even started to get bad

200,000 people are dead.  Yet you said it would go away

You claimed to have done something but that china ban was the bear minimum

You don’t know how to run anything but to the ground

You ran 6 companies into the ground

Now you’re running this beautiful mess of a country to the ground

See you said the world was laughing at us but they  weren’t

 now though they are….

You still have yet to take any responsibility for your mistakes during this pandemic

You still have yet to tell your idiot “stans” to wear a fucking mask

You still have yet to start taking this seriously apparently

You still want  people to go to the polls

You still have yet to talk about why women in ice camps 

Are being forced against their wills to not have babies anymore

You still have yet to take any responsibility like a leader would instead

You obfuscate and pass the buc to anyone who is your kamikaze go to

You’re the same irresponsible brat you were 40 years ago

You dodged a war because you had bone spurs oh poor little bitch

Yet talked a whole lot of crap about John mccain and his war hero status

You still have yet to say I fucked up our response to covid  I’m sorry

 Whats new you haven’t taken any responsibility for the more than 25 sexual assault accusations

You also “allegedly” had rough sex with a thirteen year old

But I mean that’s why you had Epstein killed right?

Well since you won’t say it I will.. I Donald Trump fucked Up our response to covid

To the people’s whos families were torn apart I shouldn’t have put the economy over peoples lives

I fucked up I’m sorry….


A concerned man who hates having to wear masks and just wants it all to stop

All the bullshit

All the lies

All the downplaying grow the fuck up..

 Donnie fucking little bitch boy idiot headass looking boy.

Little idiot bitch boy that is what you are.

My name is solly and I’m done with little bitches not fighting

I’m done with idiots who do hypocritical shit

I’m Done with it all

Vive le revolucione!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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