An open letter to the children I'll never have

today I cried for my daughter

my tears peaked out for my son

my thoughts ran wild

at the sounds of my child

foot steps pattering around


how do i get you to sit down

listen how,

the world is filled

with flat lies

just to keep turning round


the warmth in your cheeks

is nothing like the heat

that reeks charred flesh

burned to the fourth degree


remember baby to eat your peas

there are stomachs bloated

bellowing with a painful thirst

stinging in their jaundiced kidneys


you need not search far and wide

for these terrors 

are present in our own society

so modern and civilized


strangers with candy

candidly handing Hershey’s kisses

for kisses kids like you 

could do better with out


and a grinning mouth

is nothing to be amicable about

for when animals bear their smile

it’s usually before tearing apart

a part of of their prey’s heart


the cost of having class

comes at a forced fake force

of classism often presented in

post-medieval European traditions

posed as you roped in

a group predisposed

to being broke


broken records of the genre, peace and karma

are sold at the bankrupt music store

and the best albums sold are

where the words

vagina, woman, and lady

are synonyms for whore


our first world mannerisms

made cinnamon a challenge

setting the scene that our

unsettling situation is

just of spices and shopping sprees


a nation neglecting 

to negate the notion

that the need for equality

is emanate for misandry


my sad soaked tissues are nothing compared

to the white washed pavement

soaked with blood and paved with

black tar lies, May-flowers

blooming genocide


society said ‘so what,

set these injustices aside’

sorry sweet love 

I won’t have you

we’ll never meet,

there’s no way to face you

with how many tears I’ve cried

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Our world
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