Open Letter to Bad Men and Good Men


An open letter to the catcallers, butt-pinchers, hand groopers, and excesive sexual content broadcasters,


We've asked nicely.

Ignored you.

Spoken softly.

But we are tired.

I am tired.


I'm tired of being harassed,



And socialized.


I don't want to be preyed upon.

I don't want to be constatly analyzed,


and ranked arbitrarily on how attractive you

think I am-

as compared to all the other women your mind has stalked in gyms, through hallways, and around street corners.


I don't want to be "made aware" of a complete stranger's sexualized desire for my body

Especially when he has no desire to see me as a person,

To know my mind,

the infinities I believe in, or the way I speak in tongues.



An open letter to the "good but silent men",

You keep saying that there are good men in the world, that bad men are the minority.

I would argue that the passive male bystandard makes up the majority.

Where were the good men when a woman was gang raped to death in India?

Where were they when the Taliban shot a 14 year old girl for wanting an education?

Where were you when we demanded equal pay?

And what government lets disparity occur on a fifty-percentile margin?

What good man, stands silent to subjegation, street harassment, and unequal representation- even if his comrades are behind it?

I tell you I am tired.



I want to walk down the street confident that there isn't a birage of pornography going on in the heads of cat-calling, butt-tweaking, asinine excuses for men,

I want to be seen as a Person:

As intelligent, kind, strong, and passionate-

-at least a million other things before I'm singularily labled as pretty, beautiful,

or a "nice peice of ass."


I refuse to be a target of your conversations, 

hands, thoughts, and sexual prowess; without getting a say in it.


I am tired.

I want change.

And I cannot wait on good men to act.


I will speak. We will speak.

-quietly at first but then in a voice you recognize:

We are your mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, first and last lovers.

We deserve better.

We deserve an answer.





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