An open letter for Almost Michael Phelps

Hello, Dear heart
It's me again
I hope you can hear me this time
The lights have gone out
And my mind has grown dim
I cannot be bothered to rhyme

As I said just then
It is nighttime again
The future's becoming uncertain
Things that were complete
before the sun's retreat
On my mind's walls are now a burden

I worry for my mental health
I'm putting on a strain
Your presence in my head is a distraction
The stories that I tell myself
Are goading on my pain
The remedy I need is called new action

Im trying to distance myself
From you and your pretenses
You know, the ones that made my guard fall down
I lowered my defenses

I wondered after you so long
my fingers had stopped counting
The times I fell face first in love
For taste there's no accounting

For You're rude and mean and ignorant
You can't walk a straight line
You hate to love
and shame to sing
Yet For your heart mine still does pine

It's nighttime Love
The gull and dove have both taken their leave
The sun will sneer, I fear,
To hear
What mischief I've achieved

Through the wee hours
I've lain and writ
Some thoughts I had of you
By God's keen power
Ive spun some wit
To make my words more true

It's nighttime now
I say again
At my word you dear must hast
From the Paper town
I found you in
Get out, no time ought you waste

You're time in my head
While I tossed in my bed
Was spent far too long telling lies,
What's true is that you ,dear,
Are king of my dreams
Who's Queen, I think's a surprise

In conclusion dear I say
The night it is young yet
The sun will hear what it chooses to

My love,
Best wishes,

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