Oops I meant friends.

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 14:32 -- ms13at


Here I am. Once again a crowd of Strangers. Oops I meant of friends. Because these days we all seem to think that we know each other. You added me on instagram. I follow you on twitter. But what we don’t realize is that we belittle. We belittle peoples lives into tiny little boxes with captions, emojis, or pictures.

You think you know me because you know where I hang out. You saw my picture at the beach with another crowd. You think you know who I am but you don’t. No body does these days. All we are posts. Tweets. Pictures. Statuses.
I hide behind a curtain of social media. A curtain where no body is special or recognized me for being me. You define me by the number of likes. By the number of my retweets. By our number of my followers.

Nobody is really who they. We posts what we WANT to be. Sometimes not even what we want to BE. But what we want to be SEEN as.


Its funny isn’t it? Thousands of pictures, thousands of comments, thousands of friends. But nobody knows who you really are. 


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