Only In Your Eyes

Drink to me only in your eyes 
and I will pledge with mine  another
time on the line of your lies 
You're more than an image of the night 
you are more than a hunted dream 
you are my superstition that makes
my soul scream 
Perhaps not having you next to me 
Makes my heart think what life 
could be with out the pain and shames 
but that is only a dream 
loneliness is what you bring to me 
Your coldness comes rushing at my feet
Being with you makes my night 
Sleeplessness  and very cold 
My life has been awaiting for you 
Your footfall is my own heart beat 
I know I cannot fix the pains of the hour
the words ,
the lies ,
which laid the foundation of us being apart .
Lilly Emery


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