Only Thing

One question,

There is one question,

That we are all asked,

At least once in our lives,

Especially in a high school sociology class,


If you were stranded on a desert island,

What would you bring?

Now there are many answers to this question,

Some would say,

"A life boat",

"No I'd bring matches",

"A canteen of water",

And then we are asked,

"What is one thing that you cannot live without?",

Some say their significant other,

Their Mother,


Their cell phones,

But my answer,

To both,

Is the one thing that I know,

I can never live without,

And that is my,


My knowledge,


My sanity,


If I don't know myself,

What is the point of getting off that desert island?,

What is the point of living,

If that is what I must live without?,

These earthly possessions,

And human people,

Have no meaning if you do not know who you are,

Or why you are here,

Or at least having some kind of idea!,

Of why you were put on this earth,

by some mystical being,



But I know,

That we are nothing,

we are absolutely nothing,

without the power and control over ourselves,

And that is the only thing,

That I need 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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