Only swans will leave their wake.

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 08:52 -- Nomad1c

What swans are these?
We think we know.
Passed a yellow cottage,
yonder they go
"That woman will not see us here."
"She is planting flowers to and fro."
A mother's home is very dear.
Tending things with loving care.
Mornings differ each sunrise
but glow upon that yellow there.
That weeping willow shades the eyes
as breezes shift its leafs disguise
"It's peaceful here - make no mistake."
"In quietness we're very wise."
This pond is small, not quite a lake
no motorboats for goodness sake.
"What difference", you ask
"does that make?"
Only Swans Will Leave Their Wake.
Only Swans Will Leave Their Wake.
In loving memory of my mom.
Glenna Fern Girard
@ Swan pond,


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