Only salvaging

My life now is

only salvaging

and no creation

Each day ends crushingly

with reminders of my failures

and I feel trapped

Like death is tumbling nearer

with no accomplishments 

or legacies

for me to grab onto

And no possibilities to count on

except that of sinking lower

And realizing I am of even lesser quality

than I already knew I was




As I read this poem I feel a lot of sympathy for you because I think on a level of pain I can relate to you.  I've been there... Where I thought I was moving forward and it turns out I wasn't and if I was, it's too late now.  Life sent me backwards and I've not only failed my family, but also myself.

Things will get better.  Writing is one of a few releases I have and I hope you've found that writing this poem helped.  If so, keep going :)  I promise you that things will get better.  

You are more than you can see and once you believe that, well... Everyone else will start to see the beauty in you.

Keep fighting, you'll be okay!


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