Only Parts Of Us touch

Only Parts Of Us touch 
Only parts of us will ever know Love
Only parts of us will ever touch it
Only parts of others leave a mark on
the heart and some may leave it broken
Ones own truth is just another part 
of ones soul crying out to feel whole 
again for the world to sink in 
To reaches its deepest it can go 
to touch others another's soul 
ones own truth is good enough to make a story
make a beautiful poem for the heart to read 
and the mind take in its beauty of words 
We can only share the part that is understood
and acceptable to another that it can reach 
even love can change everything by its touch 
Lips is the part that kiss cares so much 
of who we are 
That kiss carries a lot of true emotions to give 
never miss that kiss 
another Lip that makes a song to the lost and found
is for most part alone
A heart has so much going on 
it is meant to be Love to Carrie on to a rhythm 
that runs free
evidently in nature of its Love will be many in it 
perhaps it could make a big Spark in another's heart 
our understanding seek a part of You and Me
Or leave another in the dark 
of true loneliness 
out like and ashen moon 
And another is making a fire all over the room.
Only parts of Us can touch others.
Lilly Emery


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