The Only One

The Only One


The only one, she adore life and love in the world

of mysterious and adventures, the only one, she

complete her journey outrageously but kindness

and warmth as one thunderous spirit within and

indeed, the only one, she got her smiles to lid up

like a sky rocket, her lips her eyes are the kissable

and flirtatious moment of all time straight, the only

one, she can rocked out so easily when she dances

and party down like it is, the only one, she can sing

out loud and clear on the karaoke stage nonstop

action, she's brilliant on that, she's the one and only

the best of the rest, she can wear the ordinary vest

jacket as a bright pink after all, the only one, she

never been very picky on things handily and also

confirmed too, she brighten her spirit fulfilled but

the only one, she can handle love and romance in

her uprising world of hope and dreams


Written by

Michael James Brindley



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