The Only Night/Day-Mare


Before we begin with the poem, please note

This poem to follow might make you all say, “Boo!”

So before you all turn into the black coat

I’m going to warn you, mob that you cannot sue.


The dawn of existing occurred a while ago,

This came in an explosion, filled with a cool “Go!”

We are something today because we do

Know that that happened: Big Bang that is who!


And so the legacy is what it is not,

For no one’s there when it happened, but a dot!

The event of creation, however handled

Caused nightmares today, fiercer than alien mold!


These dark, sinister thugs come whenever we want

And that is simply that! It is not all a hunt!

The nightmare is want, so hear me, proud clouded crowd.

For that’s what fear is: It’s simply want, to be loud!


So here we are, on a dark day,

Because of want to be this way.

Think about it real hard; Think about it real tough.

Or else you will start to hear me extremely rough!


For whenever we eat whatever we want

Without any heed for whatever we need

Congratulations, folks! You’re no longer in Vermont

Or anywhere for that matter! Want is the debt seed!


So here is why want should be used responsibly.

Otherwise, the wise will drink soda so quickly

And defeat the purpose of being healthy

Until there’s one left; that will be lonely me!


So now then, fellow people of the Earth,
Do you all still think that you’re sane since birth?

Well, here is how horrible having far too many wants is,

It’s like spending the rest of your life looking for oranges!


Then, you can all say, “But it’s Halloween!

We eat candy ‘till the ghosts are not seen!

We know it is bad, but the sweet taste is so good,

And even you must admit; you’ve got to get food!”


But argument for the illogical before

Comes in the unstable form of countless folklore.

For you all should just know, really, just right now

That you’re weakening your teeth! Can’t you see? “WOW!!!!!”


So here is what happened to society today.

People eating, drinking, even making a false say,

About how good things feel, whatever the lame benefit.

“Who cares about health? I’m giving me enjoyment, so sit!”


However the case is however the waste,

It’s all just some brain that’s hardwired for haste

To make itself just known, to the far and wide

That all it wants is a reason to reside.


But tell me, please tell me!

If you all want to see

The best things you can possibly perceive

Then why don’t you start by making want leave!

Just maybe, then you can find the better feed

To exist, see, it’s spelled N-E-E-D (NEED!)!


Of course, of course, straight to the point,

The one point that started it all.

What would the Big Bang say to us, all at this joint?

“It would join us too! Oh great, we’re in the want thrall!”


Don’t make a mob, audience; please just consider this,

Why don’t you all help society to get your bliss?

Wouldn’t that be thoughtful? We would all get our fun

And advance our lives in mass. Envy from the sun!


And that is almost my poetry to you all,

Explaining the nightmare want that gave us a wall.

Giving us a choice: Have fun via want and never get tall

Or work hard, not sit around, and break through the wall of the thrall.


Which one will you choose? It is all your own call.

But a warning for all: You need to strive hard

To break through the massive, horror want wall-

“But that’s the whole point! That’s why we bombard!”


Alas, hardly anyone around here gets it.

“Get through it already and use up all your wit!”

But I have a good feeling, a bold one indeed

That Epic Success will eventually lead!


And thus, the argument to end want has come to a close.

An argument with holes wide enough to  destroy the rose.

For it is only with want that our society has advanced

To the point that our current world is much better than the past.


Do not delude yourselves with the saying that want is a nightmare

For in fact it is a daymare, something of which we can be proud.

If it were not for individual desire to lead life one's own way,

All of humanity would succumb to the will of the crowd.


So do what you wish. Do what you want.

For anyone to stop you, you must want to not want.

So do not not want, for not wanting is bad.

For desire, at its finest, is the mark of the glad. 


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