Only Human

I am a human

I started small

And grew up large

Started thin

And gained my curves

I am a human

I have two strong legs

That carry me


Across school

Across my journey

Of life

I can count on them

To be there

With every step

To hold me up

I am a human

I have two strong arms

Two beautiful hands

To pick up and carry

To care and to hold

Everything dear to me

And in the pairs 

Of my being

I have but one mind

And one heart

Two separate organs

That depend on 

One another

That work together

To get me moving

To keep me living

And these two things

Aren’t always strong

Even though

They constantly work

And they make me more

Than just a human


I wasn’t informed

When I was small

That “being human”

That in my nature

I will set myself up

To fail

That being human

I make mistakes

With my two arms

With these two hands

I have let others down

Including myself

I have the blood 

Of hearts I've broken

The promises I’ve shattered

Like shards in my mind

Throbbing now and again

A constant reminder

That I’m not



I always heard

When I was small

That everyone was different

That I am special

That I am

Dare I say


But then why is it

That these curves 

I’m meant to glorify

I try to justify

To everyone around me

Saying that 

“It’s in my genes”

I’m born this way

That being a woman

Having this body

Is a constant burden

Is a constant effort

To maintain

That being human

Means being different

But be different

Within these standards


I am a human 

With one head

And one heart

That make me more

Than just a human

They make me think

And make me love


That these thoughts

And emotions

Aren’t the same

That loving girls

Loving women

And their curves

Their bodies

And their souls

Is wrong

That I’m not the same

Human being

As the basic 


That loving her is wrong

Showing her

That I love her

Is wrong

That the rainbow colors

Of my blood

Have to remain

Within my veins

And not bleed out

Because no one

Wants to know

My pain

Of being gay

Of being a

“Homosexual” human being

That wants to do

Homosexual things

With the woman

Of my dreams


So if you have to

Put a label on my back

To fit me in 

Some little category

That best defines

The make up of my being

Call me a human

Because as a human

I make mistakes

I am not perfect

I started small

And grew up big

Was thin

But grew into my curves

Have two strong legs

And two strong arms

A developing mind

And a developing heart

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