Only Half Of Me Wants To Be Good

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 13:02 -- andrea


United States
45° 8' 41.1576" N, 122° 22' 3.3384" W

I know what I should do, I know without a doubt
I don't know where I learned it, or when I found it out.
But, how in the world can I do what I should
When only half of me wants to be good?

Temptation is strong, my resistance is low
And I'm going places I never should go.
And I'm seeing things and doing things too
That one half of me never would do.

One half of me keeps crying for pleasure
While the other half longs for home-life and leisure.
Now, I want to play fair and I know that I could
If the other half would only be good.

I'm all in a muddle, don't know what to do,
Can't read my own mind, don't even try to.
So I'll not interfere and I guess it's no sin
To just stick around 'n see which side will win!



This is more than just wanting to change, it's knowing the fight within ones self.

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