Only In Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, fairy tales were real. 


From the way they were told, to the way that they feel. 


They made walking on air and everyday task.


Turning people into flames, setting fire to grass.


But as we grow old, fairy tales die.


We learn flames go dim, and grown ups lie. 


How beauty is bought, how we wish we could earn it. 


How paper has value, how people would burn it. 


Yet there is one thing, that shall always be real. 


A force they told us, that demands us to feel.


In our heart all night, in our mind all day. 


That no book, nor movie can ever display. 


Searching for the one, matching every detail. 


That would only exist, in fairy tales.


What all earth life, is truly made of. 


Once upon a time, there was love. 




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