The Ones Who Dont Know

I thought I had forgotton
Now I'm told to forgive
Will I ever be able to live
To be able to look a dream in the face
To be able to face you and not hate
I imagine your face and look to see
Who you are?
The Monster I loved, the one before
The one before the Monster came out to play.
Will I ever see that person before
Or will I just see my revenge ahead
I'm told to forgive so that I'll be able to live
I'm told all these things
But how can I let go?
When your demise is all I seek
You did horrible things to me
How can I let go?
How can I see the old loving you again
Now all I see is the monster
The one I feared at night
The one that created the nightmares
Who made sleep the enemy
I cant see to let go
They say I should
But who are they to tell me
To forgive the monster?
The one who ruined me
The one who terrifies me
Yet walks tall
Who are they to tell me to forgive
The ones that don't know
They don't know what he did
They don't know my terror
They don't know the distrust
They don't know the monster
So why should I listen
To them
The ones that don't know
My anger keeps me going
Keeps me alive
My anger fuels me to survive
Without it what do I have
Why should I forgive
Forgiving the monster
Is something I cannot give.


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