The Ones That Hurt


The Ones That Hurt

What I wouldn't do,

To take the pain away

and change the world for you.

I'd silence the mouths

That whispered the hate.

I'd cover your wonds

And dry the blood away

Stand you up

And wipe your tears

I'd do this for you

Because I've felt the pain too

I'd rearrange the world

So no one felt the tsunami of words

Crashing at their shores.

I'd clear the skies,

To let it dance on your skin

Heal your wonds

Revive you.

If could change anything

It would the way you feel about,


Help you see,

The world still turns.

The birds still sing.

People stand behind you.

And you,

Are a blossoming flower,

A shinning star

A dancing dream 

An angel 

A vibrant person.

A pillar of hope

And if you need me.

I'll change it all for you,

Because I've felt that pain too.

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