One Year Back

It amazes me how things can change in a year,

How much can change in just one year.

One year ago I feared this election,

but now I overcame that fear.

No matter who rules, 

I will always stand up for myself and others.

Even if the world steps on me.

"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum."

- from The Handmaid's Tale.

By Margaret Atwood.

One Year Back,

I was excited for becoming a high school senior.

After years of waiting,

my time finally came.

But little I knew how stressful things could get.

I had the hope that all of my circusmtances will come to an end,

but they only got worse.

Looking One Year Back,

I was better off in some ways,

but in others I'm better.

I am relieved in many ways,

but in others I feel that I'm running out of time.

And my biggest wish of all is

that A Year From now,

I can look at today and see

that at least some things have turned around.

One Year Back I had friends,

but now we have all drifted,

or at least they have all drifted from me.

It upsets me to see One Year Back,

and to think that we were so close,

but came apart so quickly and so careless.

One Year from now,

I'll have new friends.

And everything will be alright.


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