One Word


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One word, one minute, one second 

Of courage.

All we want is one word.

One word in a world so worried with what they'll think

One word.


One word for those who hurt us. 

You said that you'd always be here.

Well here is here 

And you left me there.

Pouring rain down on a head so far from being 

"In the clouds" 

And you left me there.

Pouring pain,

Rain drops of confusion, drops of sadness, so many tear drops

But not a single drop of self-worth 

And you left me there.

Pouring shame,

Because I trusted you to be my shelter

And you left me there.

Don't you dare come walking back

Because it may only be drizzling now,

But I know that a storm is only

One, two, three words away

And if you say

I love you

One more time,

Dont be surprised if they call you Katrina when I'm gone,

Cause' baby, that hurricane will be the end of me.

One Word. 


One word to the people to hurt the innocent.

She was your daughter,

And the only love you let her feel

Was the back of your hand

When you should have been cradling her head.

And now she's dead.

Because your sweet baby girl,

Your sweet little punching bag-

Who you burried all your burdens on

In the form of bruises on a beautiful body 

That never got the chance to blossom

And a beautiful mind that never got the chance to bloom-

Couldn't take it anymore.

One word. 


One word for the people who hurt themselves.

Darling girl, precious boy,

I know you're at the end of your rope.

Above it are the tears, trials and trouble that you somehow got yourself into

And under it is the flood of relief that you've been waiting for.

But let that rope be the thing that pulls you up,

Not the thing that pulls you out of this world

That- trust me, I know- is a

Horrible, horrifying, heart breaking place.

One word.


One word for the people 

Who have no breath to speak words anymore

Because someone told them that their thoughts weren't good enough

And they believed it.

One word to the people 

Who can only speak to their cuts and a bottle of pills

Because their pain is the only thing that listens.

One word for the people

Too afraid to speak up because when they do,

Their feelings are pushed so far into the ground 

That they don't know if the light of understanding exists anymore.

One word, because that's the least I can do for the ones to cannot.

One second of courage. 

One minute.

One word. 


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