One-Winged Angels

“One-Winged Angels”


“Sista, how am I supposed to fly with only one wing?” he asked

I had to think long and hard about it

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” he tells mama

When she fusses about his grades

“You ain’t got time for mistakes”

Keep your head up

And your hands up too

These days white folks are always aiming at you

To shoot and kill

Then ask questions

When it’s too little too late

Mama always said,

“You ain’t got time for mistakes”

So when my brother asked me

How to fly with only one wing

I told him “Don’t believe their lies”

Boy, you were meant to fly

And soar high above

You might have to work twice as hard

Just to stay up

So rise above the hate

Your one wing is no mistake

And be extra careful out in the streets

God’s toughest soldiers

Were born with enemies

You can fly, brother

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