The one who Gets By


I am just another dollar for attendance 

My first tardy, my first warning 

though you can see on your screen 

my record is cleaner than your desk.



Its your first year teaching, 

and im sure you can help 

but i can't follow you if

you dont know where you're going.



This is you're thirty something year

and its clear you're done

you hand us worksheets with due dates 

and dont even look at them 

or even at us.



You try so hard 

try to get us into college 

try to get us to care

but you are as scattered as we are

we move forward slowly.



You talk and talk 

but only gibberish comes out 

you're asked to explain 

but all you do is repeat

don't make me repeat the class.



I dreaded this subject

but you let mistakes happen 

and you let us correct them

and they may hate you

but I get it. 



You are my stress

the reason i cant sleep at night

you are what scares me like nothing else

for some, you are why they try harder, aspire for the best 

but you make me understand, that i am less.



I only took this class to blow it off 

so I do

we listen to you ramble and ramble 

play games to distract you

and then slip out the door 

laughing at you. 





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