One-Way Mirror

My mind and heart are so guarded it feels like a sin to let others in.

The moment I took my first steps, and immediately fell, walls came up

With each and every fall, more and more walls come up

Serving as a form of protection

Protection from the pain others can bring 

Protection from the pain I can bring upon myself

It’s second nature by now


I think of my mind as a paradise, 

A paradise so hidden and treasured that no one can get to it

What if it's truly a dystopian abyss?

That would explain why I am so alone in this world. 


My mind allows me to see out, but one can see in

A one-way mirror.

The glass prevents me from making contact with the outside world

With everyone else. 


No one can see my agony 

No one can hear my shrieks for rescue 

No one can taste the metallic taste of my blood that has been drawn, dripping everywhere

No one can feel the vibrations from my fist hitting against the glass as I try to escape 

No one can smell the scent of death that ecompases my heart and soul 

No one can do anything.

No one ever can

Not even me.


Would you rather be inside, with me, or outside, oblivious to what I go through? 

To know, and to experience my agony, or to live in a blissful ignorance?

To live a life of horrific knowledge or to live a life of peaceful illiteracy? 

Someone with any bit of common sense would run, flee, even catapult themselves away from me

Away from the dungeon that I call my mind 

My home, built from one way mirrors 


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