I saw upon yonder, a tree standing alone,
Upon a hill, so stony and cold.
I wandered that hill up to the tree,
And to my surprise, the tree said to me,

“I am here alone, its what I like,
Why are you here, invading my life?”
“I grew up here, so I could be alone,
and you have disturbed me so please, go home.”

I felt for the tree and wondered, I did,
What was wrong and why it was sad.
I wanted to ask but could see no avail,
This tree was forlorn, sadness prevailed.

I sat down on the ground and told that fine tree,
I am here for your story so please, tell me.
I asked it, “Tree,why are you alone?,
That was when the tree spoke of its home.

The tree said to me, “I remembered back when,
This hill was covered with my brothers, sisters and friends.
The ground round our roots was lush, brown and sweet,
and on a hot day, the land felt no heat.”

The tree spoke of ancestors, way of in the past,
“They stood straight and tall, Like a ships mast.
Powerful they were and grew against all odds,
They endured natures fury, winds, rain the lot.”

How strong those trees grew, with their lush canopies,
Shining green in the distance, for each and all to see.
And then one day tragedy it struck,
As a man and a saw pulled up in a truck.

The tree told me, “I watched my friends killed,
Dragged down to that building the man called a mill.”
He told me of the death to his friends,
and how they did scream, unheard by the man.

The Man murdered them all then packed up left,
Leaving a few tiny saplings of which this tree was best.
The tree told me how it struggled to survive,
as its little sapling friends laid down and died.

The tree spoke of strength and how it wouldn't give in,

How it would stay on this hill to remind man of his sin.
By clearing them all large, short and tall,
The man had destroyed what was meant for all.

With sadness I stood and hugged that tree then,
I promised that tree I would make amends.
I promised I would work to stop this bad thing
and how the tree could trust me, his friend.

I will protect them all with much ado.
I will fight for Nature, this much is true
I will make sure theyre safe, are never cut down,
Cause I know in my heart, we need trees around.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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