One Thirteen,
Can mean many things.
It's a symbol, some people ask me why I remember
Because it seems like yesterday when I was just so little.
This life, it feels like a riddle
While I'm being belittled.
This is the day my cousin was born,
And lives were torn. My old life, I now mourn
While I'm trying to reform.
And as I perform greatness I want everyone to know this all comes from the heart.
And just know it wasn't recent because it's all from the start.
On this day I was afraid of coming out of my cage
Kids my age walking with anger and talking with rage.
In my mind, I'm thinking that it's a phase.
I wish they knew how much they life weighed like Dwayne.
I can't explain, why these young black men rather blow brains instead of get good grades
They wonder why the KKK looks at us like we insane
Why?!?!?! I can't explain.
But I'm wondering who's sane like Saddam
I try to remain calm but I ask the question what should I do.
Thinking about the city I'm in and the city I knew.
My mother told me the only way out of Newark is to find your way through.
One-Thirteen, in my eyes is a start of a dream.
In others eyes, it's the day my cousin turned eighteen.
This is the day to start work and end all this play.
This is the day I stepped foot in N-E-W-A-R-K

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This poem came from the heart. It explains how terrified and how joyous I was at the same time. When I first heard of Newark NJ I was terrified. Then I saw the opportunities and the people it carried. I thought I should be proud of this community.

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