A One Sided Love

At first glance i saw you as something  out of my reach

I tried to grasp your attention, but my attempts too weak

Your beautiful gaze like arrows through my heart

Even though we are not together I cant imagine us appart

Your hair with color that naturally blends

Eyes that match the gates of heavan

Leading to a heart so genourously giving

Life without you, was a life not worth living

A voice so soothing, it could tame wild beast

Words spoken so tender, not even angels can compete

I've left you Chochlates and roses to try and see

If one day you will realize that you love me

Im ready to tell you of my true intentions

I want us to be lovers, no longer friends

I've spilled out my heart , dripping  truth in each drop

It created an ocean of feelings with my love on top

You agree to my terms but ask in exchange

For me to better myself. You wanted me to change!

I bent over backwards, awaiting your commands.

I left most my friends just so i could hold your hand 

My habbits and imperfections have been efaced

I rush to your side for a chance of embrace

You seem to not like what i have done to show my love

Must I change the moon and stars up above

I fell as though my passion is not enough

I thought iv done right, surely I must have

Your silence, oh the silence ,it's screams are too loud

That ocean of feeling has started to rage

It engulfs my mind, clear thoughts cant evade

My dreams of this relationship are sinking

Why are you doing this? What are you thinking

My voice, it stutters and starts to crack

I tried to make sentences that will get a response back

"I have done what you asked and done it to a key

I have made  many sacrafices. Why can't you see!"

Your words cut our bond, those damn words of choice

" I loved the old you" in that sweet angelic voice.


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