One of Seven Billion

I am love.

At least, the definition of my name says so.

So, if I say “I am Milena,"

it translates down to this:

I am love.

There’s so much to be said for that:

I am loved,

I am loving,

I am in love with the beauty of the world.

I am fascinated by it.

A life of hard work as an example from those who raised me,

has given me the heart of an optimist.

I am hopeful.

I see possibilities in life and they have weight to me.

Starting at rock bottom, rising from the supposed have-nots,

if they can do it, then why can’t I?

I am blessed.

I am shaped by the people who care about me, 

and yet I’m a being of my own choosing.

And, still I look to the future.

To be more than I am.

Because I know that all living souls grow each day,

perfecting themselves, though never reaching a final limit.

We don’t have a limit to how much we can grow,

how much we can be, what we can achieve,

how many people we can inspire,

how many lives we can change.

And that is beautiful.

I am a girl who is 17,

a foreigner who lives for melodies and words on a paper.

I can’t change these things, these things are of me.

But I can be forgiving, compassionate, merciful, and good.

The attributes that love pushes forth with a will of its own.

I can be.

To live up to my name, and to fulfill my days.

I am one of the seven billion,

and to their endless qualities born from fire and wind I will add.

I am Milena, and I can be so much more.

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