One night I realized

It hit me like a mighty rushing wind

One night when I came home and my parents weren’t in

I could outside before and after the streetlights

And my parents wouldn’t pick a fight

Because it was my choice whether I wanted to stay inside and hide

Or go out with my friends on a ride

Around the city to have the time of our lives

I could go to study more at the library until late at night

And the dark shadows of the street and my room wouldn't give me a fright

I was in control of my body what I wore, the look of my hair

I could be who I wanted with or without anybody there

It was only a couple of hours without my parents present

At first, I didn’t know what these feelings meant

The feeling of peace within my own skin

The desire to finally make the choices I felt deepen

At that moment I knew I was ready to face the world as the girl I hid within


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