One Night

I despise the way you make me feel like a nasty hangover, I'm hungover on you. You who touched me so soft and sent chills up my spine,  I thought you'll always be mind. The mind frame I was in, I was being grown but being 5 years apart is the start of our long distance relationship. Well I'm well equipped, ready to be here for you and do things that grown people do, you called me your boo. But boo that night you tried to make me a mother. I discovered that fuck distant lovers if I'm going to be the mother of your child I need you in my life right now. You tell me "everything will be okay "but it wasn't and you don't have to pay, $42.17 to get rid of this. A child I'm pro life but you can't even stay in my life. I'm trying to be your wife and I realized it in one night. You held me oh so close, tight all night.we sexed from dark to light. With you everything felt right. One Night. Just One. 


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