One night


United States
34° 10' 44.1768" N, 118° 26' 1.806" W

Just an hour of ecstasy
On a foreign bed with stranger
You didn't know the name of
Because it is just one night
Nothing happens to me, that's
what you told yourself when
You got out for the night
Had been so confident too
Until you weren't lucky anymore
And then you regret it all
Those nights of pleasure
With strangers you didn't care
But now you do care
About the name in certificate
That would point as father
You can't help but to blame
Loneliness that drove to
Numerous night outs
Roundness in your belly
Seems to be mocking you
With soul crashing loneliness
That seems to be taking
It's revenge for ignorance
Pillowcase dried with tears
Replacing alcohol as your
Remedy, you tell yourself
That all will be fine
Time heals everything
But you wonder at night
Rolling in your bed
Thinking about sweet angel
Who would be lonely
Just like you because
Of incomplete family
Your childhood flashes
Across your eyes,making
You remember the busy mom
And stepfathers who never care
And then you would promise
To be better than that
For your little cherub


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