"One Night"

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 21:13 -- Flora

Succulent sakura petals betwixt your thighs,

Between your eyes, a portal to your passions,

Deepest fears and emotions, you taste like passion fruit,

Don’t feel anything, i’m just passing through,

Passing through you like a ghost through a wall,

The dark halls of your inner sanctuary,

I’ll leave my offerings and make my way to your heart,

Not by any means of purpose, but because i like to explore,

Implore about your body, mind and spirit,

You and I are always wanting more,

You have followers, oh great diety,

I should make you apart of my diet,

Before, you would plead for more and shout,

Before the lights had even gone out,

But now you sleep, pleasureful and rewarded like a child,

What is this i feel, on my face a soft smile,

The aftermath is never the same,

But in the morning, it will be as if i’d never came,

A small note lies before you as you flutter your eyes,

Evidence of our rendezvous,

A simple, “goodbye”.


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