One Night

Sat, 04/20/2013 - 14:12 -- Takara


United States
41° 32' 20.0652" N, 81° 36' 32.3532" W

In one night, so many
Things changed. Talking
Turned to yelling. Laughter
Turned to crying. Arguing
Turned to slapping. Father
Turned to abuser. Mother
Turned to abused. Children
Turned to witnesses. Happiness
Turned to sadness. A man
Once thought, to be strong
Immediately turned weak. By hitting
One woman, for all the kids to see.
He said, "I love you"
After the last hit, then
We drove off in the car. One man
Turned to an abuser. One woman
Abused. Children
Turned to witnesses. All in
One night.



This poem come from a situation that I experienced, where my dad physically abused my step-mom, in front of my younger siblings, cousins, and I.

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