One Nation, Gone Under


We live in such a mixed up world

Where it’s not okay to be yourself

If you’re a girl, you can’t like another girl

So you need to like someone else

It’s okay to be mean, vile, and to hate

But God forbid being even five pounds overweight

And we teach the principles from our elders to our youth

Some might call that tough love

But to me it’s just abuse

Show them a world full of stereotypes

We show them only the things we view as right

It’s fine to be racist, to murder and slay

Yeah we can kill our own people

But can’t get married if we’re gay

There are whites hating blacks

There are blacks hating whites

And to determine whose “superior”

We use guns, bombs, and fights

It’s not okay to speak out

To put a dent into the silence

But it’s okay to scream, to shout

And prove ourselves with violence

We comment on each other

On complexion, on appearance

But when it comes to real issues

No one wants to hear it

Is this the kind of world

That we want to raise our children in

Teaching them that boys like girls

And every other kind of love is sin

We talk about bullying, rape, and abortion

But when it comes to changing things

Nothing that's suggested will ever have enforcement

We cry over kids that decided on suicide

Maybe if they felt accepted everything would be alright

We throw roses, hold wakes, stand in vigils

But no one really wants to change 

So all we can hope is that the hate is not residual

Someday love will be love

No matter color or sex

People might stop quoting from

A 3,000 year old text

So let’s rewrite the original

And start a brand new sequel

Liberty and justice for all

No freedom until we’re equal



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